ice hell

Form and function

Type, capacity, attributes
ENGINE 2 stroke engine
Engine size 247cc EFI 300cc EFI
Power 25 HP / 9200 rpm 31 HP / 9200 rpm
Torque 4.0 Kg.m / 4500 rpm 4.9 Kg.m / 4500 rpm
Compresssion 8,8:1 8,7:1
Stroke 72.5 x 60 mm 79 x 60 mm
Crankcase Aluminium
Gearbox 6 speed gear, 4 gear trials developed, each one ECU controlled
Transmission 10z/42
Clutch Multi-disc oil wet
Exhaust Muffler Symmetric and centered silencer
Manifold Titanium
Radiator Vertigo special design, adapted to frame shape
Control Unit Vertigo design, controlling: gear position, engine temp, pressure, petrol pump, water pump, electric timming
Engine sensors Integrated injection driver
Barrel gearbox sensor, can control each engaged gear
Protocol CAN 2.0 B
TPS (Throttle position sensor)
PWM water pump control
Battery Capacitor powerlatch system
Powerbox ECU Vertigo design, control all the electrical power, save all the components from shorcircuit
Frame 15CDV6 steel + aluminiun 6082
Swingarm Aluminium cast
Front Suspension Tech Alu gold 170mm stroke
Rear suspension Monoshock / swingarm, Vertigo special
Swingarm combined with multiregulation
REIGER monoshock with rebound adjust
170mm stroke
Airbox High capacity 1.1l upper airbox
Petrol Tank High capacity 2.3l, low and centered gravity position
Handlebar Renthal Fatbar
Front Brake Hydraulic Braktec system with 185mm disc
Front Caliper 4 pistons
Front RIM Morad 1.60 x 21"
Rear Brake Hydraulic Braktec system with 150mm disc
Rear Caliper 2 pistons
Rear RIM Morad 2.15x18" lightweight mechanized
Rear Axle Single action snail-cam chain adjustement
Weight 68 kg
Total Lenght 2010 mm
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